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Few days ago there was a about thalassaemia on this chat about thalassaemia whether it is a blessing or not, and the dark side of thalassaemia. At that moment I was with a friend, Loizos Pericleous, who is a thalassaemic as well. he said that he has written an article about this issue, the article is called “Blessing in disguise” the article goes as follows:


The fact that thalassaemia is a hereditary blood disorder, for which both parents need to carry a defective gene, makes it by default, a family disorder.

Even though the family attitude is the foundation for a child’s development, in thalassaemia the attitude of the state towards the treatment needed, is absolutely crucial to such development.
In countries where there is an adequate supply of safe blood and free availability of chelators, the chance of survival to older age is near normal.

Under the mentioned circumstances, thalassaemia is still a burden on the individual and the family, but a manageable burden.

The fact that we, as thalassaemics, survive because of the love and support of unknown voluntary blood donors, this gift of life transfuses not only red blood cells to us but also compassion and kindness in our hearts for our fellow human beings, as well as faith to divine powers.

Thalassaemia made us and our families little less selfish and slightly more humble. It made us appreciate love and friendship, little bit more. Based on our values and faith, we probably have the need to pray little more and possibly attract little more of divine attention.

At middle age now, many of my fellow thalassaemics and my self wonder whether our condition could be a blessing in disguise?

Source: Thalassaemia Patients Connect


by Anton Skafi

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