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It’s international thalassemia week and what could be a better topic than sharing experiences. So, I am sharing tad bit of my way of living with thalassemia. Living with thalassemia is no less than a roller coaster ride. Just when you think your counts are doing good, ferritin is in control, you haven’t encountered any new complication in a while… boom you got a whiplash, a reality check! The unknown challenges that you didn’t sign up for is what makes it even more difficult. We all have seen these ups and downs sometimes mentally, sometimes physically. Physical challenges are best left on our doctors. We can work only on our inner self which I feel that it organically leads to a better outer self. Our views, our feelings eventually become reality. The thing that makes us different is how we manage them. We all have different endurance levels and different (our own) ways to combat the problems. We just need to find our own and try working on them. There is no perfect way to live a life with thalassemia as far as I know. Being in a condition that demands a lot of attention and management, you just need to keep experimenting and find what’s best for you. And a positive and constructive attitude ALWAYS helps. Being an overly ambitious person, I keep setting goals for me on both the fronts, professionally and personally (taking care of myself and my body). It not only helps to keep a well being but also makes a better version of you. Your achievements cannot reduce the pain but can definitely soothe the pain for a while, so, keep setting goals, no matter how small or big, keep achieving them.. keep reaching for them.. not for anyone else but for YOU. Whatever may come tomorrow for us, whatever our fate be, we will fight to make sure we make tomorrow a little better than today and I suggest the same for everyone with chronic illness out there. I am not here to give any advice as everyone knows oneself better than anyone else, however, if you are down and feel like Almighty has not been kind to you, then read yourself Stephen Hawking’s Biography. It has helped me and I am sure you will find some, if not most, of your answers there. Again, I am not preaching or giving advice, I am just sharing.
As they say it’s not over until it’s over. So, until next time, keep Chelating, Keep taking care of you, keep reading and more than ever… KEEP LOVING AND LIVING.

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By Nitya Gupta

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