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JOURNEY – LET’S MOVE TO THE BETTER FUTURE by Siti Nur Azilayati Rahmah Raman

Winner Story #3 – International Thalassaemia Day 2018

“My family living in the rural area because my father being assign to that area before I was born. When I was born my mother ask the doctor to conduct all blood test just to confirm if I was health, all blood test show good result. But, the doctor never takes my blood for Thalassaemia screening. Maybe at that time there is no awareness about the disease. When I was around four to five years old there is doctor who come to visit the town and coincidently my mom tell about me that always get tired. The doctor ask my mom to bring me to town clinic. After conducting examine me, she suspect that I have Thalassaemia and ask my mother go to the hospital in city with a referral letter.

I being admitted at the Duchess of Kent Hospital in Sandakan for almost a week and after three month the result show that I am positive for Thalassaemia patient. At that time there is no specific place for Thalassaemia patient so we have to share with other patients in the Paediatric Ward for children and Medical Ward for adults. Many patients come and go but only us who always need to come back there. The ward totally packed at certain time and we need to come early if we want get a better ward bed.“

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