Patients’ stories

EXPRESS IT OUT! by Nitya Gupta

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well. This week I had a painful prick while giving sample, on asking “is it paining really hard” I simply replied nah all okay. Later I find myself wondering when was the last time I truly shared the real extent of my pain? Have we really programmed ourselves to keep our pain to ourselves? I really wanted to cry like a baby but I couldn’t because I can’t afford that luxury anymore, some of the disadvantages of being a grown up. Why isn’t okay to still have fear of the needle? why isn’t it okay that till now i m not used to pain? why we need to programme ourselves that it doesn’t ache anymore? It does, it really does. Physical pain is still there and most of us might be used to it but there comes a point when our endurance level breaks.We encounter a lot of complications on daily basis, and when was the last time we discussed it with our family, partner or friend?. I think this being a usual pattern, we have started keeping things to ourselves and at times that can be suffocating. It all got piled up and became an unwanted baggage. While preparing ourselves for other challenges we need to prepare ourselves for expressing it at times. Pain can become strength, but it’s when we keep it to ourselves for a long time that it becomes the weakness. So do express your pain, do share your feelings once in a while. Sometimes it’s okay to not to feel okay. It’s okay to open to somebody how we are feeling, how our body is feeling. When you open your heart out, especially in such situations, your heart opens up to so much more. It opens up to other elements around you. You may not get that physical comfort but at least you will feel light. Don’t let your pain petrify you but let it empower you as don’t let it become a baggage, vent it out frequently keep the baggage light. And most importantly Keep appreciating yourself. Keep appreciating your little steps no matter how small they are, forward is forward. Keep chelating and keep loving yourself.


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