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TIF Presents The Federation’s Annual Report For 2020

Our commitment to unite the patient voice and to advocate at the highest possible levels for equal access to all treatment options remains our number one priority.“

TIF President – Panos Englezos

The Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) is honoured and privileged to present its 2020 Annual Report, outlining the global activities organised throughout the year.

Capitalizing on the trustworthiness, reliability and credibility that has been developed since the establishment of the Federation more than 30 years ago, TIF became the global point of reference for information during the unprecedented health crisis that was faced by us all across the globe with the development of educational resources and position statements, as well as solidarity messages and advocacy material to ensure that thalassaemia patients were duly protected and received the best quality care.

Moreover, TIF’s activities expanded to new horizons, embracing the new virtual reality that dawned upon humanity throughout the year, thus marking the beginning and in many cases the transformation of TIF activities to reflect the moving times. Such milestones include:

  • Organisation of Delegation Visits online
  • Participation in over 65 events, organised by TIF Members and affiliates
  • Delivery of TIF’s Educational Programme in a virtual format, including the European Symposium for Patients and Doctors, Renzo Galanello Fellowship Programme
  • Strengthening of online educational opportunities through TIF’s e-Academy courses for Patients/Parents and Healthcare Professionals

The continued empowerment of patients to advocate for improved access to basic care, as well as to emerging novel drugs and therapies, whilst simultaneously working at the global level to reduce inequalities and prioritise thalassaemia has not wavered in 2020. Indeed, we remain committed to continuing to making the patient’s voice heard at all levels, aspiring to the implementation of national, regional and international policies which will safeguard their human right to health.

We would like to extend our deepest and most sincere appreciation to all our esteemed collaborators, partners, members and supporters including healthcare professionals, academia, researchers and industry but most importantly the global patient/parent community for their hard work and dedication. Their contribution to the realisation of TIF’s mission, and the materialisation of the Federation’s activities contained herein of numerous collaborators, both patients/parents and healthcare professionals is immensely valued!

View and/or Download the TIF Annual Report 2020 HERE


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