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TIF Develops Mobile Application To Support Patients With Thalassaemia

To be ready by the end of October

As part of its enduring efforts to develop useful tools for individuals with thalassaemia and haemoglobin disorders worldwide, TIF will soon introduce a novel mobile health application, named ‘’THALIA Mobile App’’.

This application is primarily designed to constitute a digital assistant for patients which will help them self-manage their disease more effectively on a daily basis.

The main feature of the application is a calendar that can be easily synchronized with the user’s personal calendar on his mobile phone. In it, the patient will be able to note everything related to the management and treatment of his disease, such as upcoming blood transfusions, doctor appointments and medication reminders, to score pain levels, as well as record and track other symptoms of the disease, for instance fatigue and mood swings.

In addition, the ‘’THALIA Mobile App’’ will enable patients to share, if they wish so, useful statistics for their health, such as haemoglobin and ferritin levels, the frequency of blood transfusions, etc., with their treating and supervising physicians, thus allowing them to form a comprehensive picture on the course of their patients´ disease management.

Through the application, patients with thalassaemia will also have the opportunity to actively participate in TIF activities, learn interesting scientific news and have direct access to the rich educational material and the publications of the Federation.

The application will be released initially in Greek and English, through the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices, respectively. More languages will follow soon.

The „THALIA Mobile App“ has been developed in the framework of the four-year activity program (2018-21) of TIF „Thalassemia in Action“ (THALIA) and is co-financed by the Third Health Programme of the European Union.

Learn more about the TIF THALIA Project HERE.


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