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Delegation Visit to Egypt – 12-16 September 2017

A TIF delegation visited Cairo, Egypt between September 12 and September 16, 2017. The delegation consisted of Dr Michael Angastiniotis, TIF Medical Advisor and Dr Dimitrios Farmakis, Cardiologist.

The visit had two main objectives:

  1. Discuss with the stakeholders involved in thalassaemia patient care and prevention in Egypt and assess the current situation;
  2. Participate in the European Hematology Association (EHA) HOPE-CAIRO 2017 Congress.

The delegation team was well received and met with government officials to discuss issues of major concern to the thalassaemia patient community in the country. Issues touched upon were the following:

  • Health insurance
  • The development of national prevention programmes
  • Education and awareness
  • Adult care in Egypt
  • Blood donation status in Egypt
  • Blood and transfusion safety and safety of blood transfusions
  • Hepatitis C prevention, programmes, management and treatment

TIF medical advisor Dr Michael Angastiniotis also had unscheduled meetings with representatives of patient associations, the Egyptian Thalassaemia Association (ETA) and the Alexandria Thalassaemia Friends Association.

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