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Take Action For The International Thalassaemia Day 2021


“Addressing Health Inequalities Across the Global Thalassaemia Community“

Each year, individuals around the globe band together for one day of pure and empowering support for those affected by thalassaemia! That day, celebrated on the 8th of May, is known simply as International Thalassaemia Day.

Over the past 27 years, this international day of awareness has grown to be a booming declaration coupled with hundreds of activities and events across the globe. Watching the incredible transformation over the years has demonstrated one very important message: no individual is too small or powerless to make a difference!

This year, the Thalassaemia International Federation is turning the spotlight on the participants with the theme “Addressing Health Inequalities Across the Global Thalassaemia Community”. This call-to-action encourages everyone to learn about the many and multiple unmet needs of patients with thalassaemia across the world and reflect on what kind of impact they can make.

Your participation – both in the build-up to and following 8 May 2021 – is key to the success of the campaign and taking part can be exciting and hugely rewarding!

Great change begins with small steps, and together we can create a future without thalassaemia!

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