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WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY 2021 | Give Blood and Keep The World Beating – 14 June

Juni 14, 2021

An Overview:

Every year, on 14 June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). The event serves to thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood and to raise awareness of the need for regular blood donations to ensure the quality, safety, and availability of blood and blood products for patients in need.

Transfusion of blood and blood products helps save millions of lives every year. It can help patients suffering from life-threatening conditions live longer and with a higher quality of life, and supports complex medical and surgical procedures. It also has an essential, life-saving role in maternal and child care and during the emergency response to man-made and natural disasters.


Key Facts:

????Of the 118.5 million blood donations collected globally, 40% of these are collected in high-income countries, home to 16% of the world’s population.

????In low-income countries, up to 54 % of blood transfusions are given to children under 5 years of age; whereas in high-income countries, the most frequently transfused patient group is over 60 years of age, accounting for up to 75% of all transfusions.

????The blood donation rate is 31.5 donations in high-income countries, 15.9 donations in upper-middle-income countries, 6.8 donations in lower-middle-income countries and 5.0 donations in low-income countries.

????An increase of 7.8 million blood donations from voluntary unpaid donors has been reported from 2013 to 2018. In total, 79 countries collect over 90% of their blood supply from voluntary unpaid blood donors; however, 56 countries collect more than 50% of their blood supply from family/replacement or paid donors.

????Only 55 of 171 reporting countries produce plasma-derived medicinal products (PDMP) through the fractionation of plasma collected in the reporting country. A total of 90 countries reported that all PDMP are imported, 16 countries reported that no PDMP were used during the reporting period, and 10 countries did not respond to the question.


The 2021 Campaign:

For 2021, the World Blood Donor Day slogan will be “Give blood and keep the world beating”. The message highlights the essential contribution blood donors make to keeping the world pulsating by saving lives and improving others’ health. It reinforces the global call for more people all over the world to donate blood regularly and contribute to better health.

A special focus of this year’s campaign will be the role of young people in ensuring a safe blood supply. In many countries, young people have been at the forefront of activities and initiatives aimed at achieving safe blood supplies through voluntary, non-remunerated blood donations. Young people represent a large sector of the population in many societies and are generally full of idealism, enthusiasm, and creativity.

The specific objectives of this year’s campaign are to:

????thank blood donors in the world and create wider public awareness of the need for regular, unpaid blood donation;

????promote the community values of blood donation in enhancing community solidarity and social cohesion;

????encourage youth to embrace the humanitarian call to donate blood and inspire others to do the same;

????celebrate the potential of youth as partners in promoting health.


Host for WBDD 2021 events:

Italy will host World Blood Donor Day 2021 through its National Blood Centre. The global event will be held in Rome on 14 June 2021.

Discover more HERE.


TIF´s Activities for World Blood Donor Day 2021:

Read TIF’s Statement in honour of WBDD 2021, HERE

Download TIF’s Social Media Graphics & Visuals for WBDD 2021












Watch ´The Lives You Save´ Video, specially prepared in honour of WBDD 2021 and volunteer blood donors all across the world!

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