Clinical Trial Updates (SCD)



Update: 30 June 2021

No update available.


Update: 08 January 2021

No update available


Update: 05 November 2020

Imatinib has been shown to drastically increase HbF as published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, “Large-Scale Drug Screen Identifies FDA-Approved Drugs for Repurposing in Sickle-Cell Disease.

Thus, Imatinib is a strong candidate for repurposing towards use in SCD due to the strong effects on HbF expression, low cytotoxicity, and safe history of use in humans (imatinib also known as Glivec (EU) or Gleevec (USA) has originally been authorised for blood cancers and solid tumors to control cell division)



Update: 25 August 2020

No update available


Update: 31 May 2020

  • A phase I clinical trial in the US aims to investigate whether imatinib (a SYK tyrosine kinase inhibitor) can reduce the expression of SCD symptoms (e.g. RBC deformability, adhesion / stickiness, etc.) and thus painful crises in patients with SCD.
  • The hypothesis focuses on the connection between the increased oxidative stress levels found in SCD and the subsequent increase of tyrosine phosphorylation of band 3 which in turn is responsible for some of the SCD symptoms. Inhibiting or blocking the increase of tyrosine phosphorylation band 3 with imatinib fewer complications in SCD patients may occur.
  • Still in early phase I, the study will enroll 48 pediatric patients who have not yet undergone transfusion


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