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Haemoglobin Disorders

Alpha thalassaemia

This section is dedicated to alpha (α-) thalassaemia. THE MAJOR ALPHA (α-) THALASSAEMIAS ARE: HbH disease α-thalassaemia Hydrops Foetalis (=Hb Bart’s Hydrops Foetalis) Many diseases in humans are caused by abnormalities in the blood and these are categorized according to the component of the blood which is affected: white cell ...

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Beta Thalassaemia

What is beta thalassaemia This section is dedicated to beta (β-) thalassaemia syndromes of which β-thalassaemia major, also known as Mediterranean anaemia or Cooley’s Anaemia, is the clinically most severe one. THE MAJOR BETA (β-) THALASSAEMIA SYNDROMES ARE: β-thalassaemia major β-thalassaemia intermedia HbE/β-thalassaemia Other rare thalassaemias Many diseases in humans ...

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Sickle cell disease

SCD is caused by a haemoglobin defect, known as Haemoglobin S. In SCD, the bone marrow cannot produce enough healthy red cells. The red cells produced look like sickles, are not flexible and can stick on vessels’ walls causing blood clots and preventing oxygen from reaching the body tissues.

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