TIF News (AR)

Thal e-Course for Patients’ registrations open until March 8th!

At TIF we believe that well-informed patients are able to gain in-depth understanding of their condition and make purposeful decisions about their health!

That being so, we are pleased to announce that registrations for the upcoming 6th class of its Thal e-Course for patients are now open! You can access the registration form here 👉 http://bit.ly/2BVkX9c    

This new class will be starting on March 1st and is going to be available for the first time in French, German, Italian, Greek and Arabic, other than English!!

The Thal e-Course is a part of the activities of TIF and the ‘THALassaemia In Action’ THALIA project, and includes 3 electronic modules that explain the genetic cause of thalassaemia, present the blood component affected, bring together information about the new advances in treatment, patients’ lifestyle and many more.


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