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Gene Therapy and Thalassaemia: The Patients’ Perspective survey!


A significant number of gene therapy approaches are currently undergoing clinical trials, some of which are already producing encouraging results.

The Bluebird Bio’s gene therapy product, under the name ZYNTEGLO™, has received positive comments from the scientific committees of the European drug regulatory authority (EMA). This means that the practical application in a service setting may not be very far off, given that a final decision by the European Commisiion for ZYNTEGLO™ is anticipated in the second quarter of 2019.

TIF is conducting a brand new survey in an attempt to assess the knowledge and views of patients with thalassaemia regarding the promising concept and advancements of this promising therapeutic approach.

We want to hear your opinion, your feedback about gene therapy! 

Plus you won’t need to dedicate more than 4 minutes of your time to our survey!

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