Delegation Visits 2015

Delegation Visit to China – 13-15 December 2015

A delegation visit was conducted by TIF in China between the 13th and the 15th of December 2015. The objectives of this delegation visit were for TIF to participate in a conference organised by the Thalassaemia Chinese Federation (TCF), to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with TCF and to decide on a plan of activities for the next three years. The TIF delegation was comprised of Dr Androulla Eleftheriou, TIF Executive Director, and Dr Michael Angastiniotis, TIF Medical Advisor.

The one day conference has seen the participation of a great number of health professionals but also patients, families and members of volunteer groups. Within the context of the conference programme, two presentations were delivered by TIF: (i) on thalassaemia care (by Dr Michael Angastiniotis) and (ii) on the global situation (by Dr Androulla Eleftheriou).

During the afternoon sessions apart from talks by Prof Wang Zhenyao, and Dr Androulla Eleftheriou (on the global picture), the sessions were taken up by awards to the various volunteers and new members of the newly founded Thalassaemia Chinese Federation.

The highlight of the following day was the official signing of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between TCF, and TIF. Negotiations followed for upgrading 5 treatment centres in South China to EU standard reference centres. The process will start with a tour of thalassaemia specialists to 4 of these centres, in order to discuss with and update local experts on what is needed to achieve this important goal.



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